Our Story

Wood has been our passion since the beginning. We have spent our lives not only working with wood, but also admiring and learning from it. We have travelled the earth in search of new species and new sourcing relationships. We have learned how to harvest wood responsibly, how to cut, treat and finish it from the most knowledgable craftsmen and from age-old traditions. We look forward to bringing our knowledge and our passion to bear for you and your projects.

Our Inspiration


We are inspired by wood's singular quest for light. Its slow and methodical growth. How the forest influences the individual tree and how the tree interacts with the forest. We are humbled by the role wood has played in our history. It has provided mankind with nourishment, warmth and shelter. It has been the root of our tools, transportation, knowledge and technology. Throughout history wood had been our primary material, as it continues to be today.

Our Mission


We have thought long and hard about what we stand for, what we offer and how, and who we serve. Our Mission is as simple as it is ambitious, and our goals are as pure as they are lofty. We are only as good as our last job and we constantly strive to make you, our customer look good. Our Mission is "Souring the finest materials and using innovation, experience and artistry to deliver beyond all our customer's expectations passionately and responsibly."

 Inspiring our customers to appreciate wood's enduring beauty and value.