Delta Millworks

Located in Austin Texas, Delta Millworks is reviving traditions that are thousands of years old in ways that are incredibly resonant today. This multi-generation company is bringing artistry and finishing acumen to wood in ways that will impress and inspire you. Learn how their capabilities in flame finishing, burnishing and even electrifying wood will provide options you may not have thought possible.



Using methodologies developed in ancient Japan which not only add character, but also flame retardant classifications, Delta is developing a unique and exciting line of products. Learn how Delta's new finishes can provide unique elegance to your projects.



In ancient Japan, builders discovered that superficial charring improved fire resistance of wood. Since then, this method of finishing wood has developed to improve safety and resilience. Discover how Delta has evolved this tradition into an exciting and highly resonant product line, which is adding a unique level of character, warmth and texture to cutting edge products around the country.



Using generations of know-how, Delta's team is constantly striving to discover new ways to finish, burnish, gouge and stain woods in ways that bring out its character. Explore the fascinating line of products that this decade long excercize has resulted in and how they can enhance and add uniqueness to your projects.