LINE architecture

LINE looks at every project through a unique lens which establishes a genuine project approach grounded in the parameters of the client's vision, the project context. Design solutions developed by LINE are therefore rooted in the nature of the project itself. Using this methodology, LINE has elaborated projects for some of the world's most desirable clients. With experience designing for A list celebrities, renowned families or internationally recognized brands, LINE architecture brings a world-class level of expertise to bear for you and your project.



LINE architecture has had the honor of working on the homes of some of the most respected families. Whether A-list celebrities, or families respected for the taste and collections, LINE's award winning work has been featured in by the top design magazines internationally. Learn below about LINE and how their design expertise can work for you.



Having designed over 350 retail spaces internationally, LINE brings a long history of brand and design experience to the table. Learn how LINE can work with you to make your project stand out for its beauty, efficiency and practicality.



Whether it is a custom fixture in one of the many stores they have designed around the world, or custom furnishings for residential projects, LINE architecture has worked for over a decade with Vision Wood to develop custom designs in the finest sourced woods. Learn how LINE can develop custom projects at all scales for you.